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How did Domino’s make $1 billion in Online Sales in 2012 with a Hybrid App?

In 2010, Domino’s served up a Hybrid App that allowed pizza lovers to order with a simple tap on their smartphones.

The result? A sizzling success story:

📈 Unprecedented Growth: Domino’s became the first pizza chain to achieve over $1 billion in online sales in 2012.

📲 5 Million App Users: By 2016, Domino’s boasted a staggering 5 million active mobile app users, setting the bar for food delivery worldwide.

Other significant benefits of Hybrid Application

🕒 Speed & Cost Efficiency: Develop and deploy faster and more affordably than native apps.

🌐 Cross-Platform Magic: Reach iOS and Android users seamlessly, without juggling separate apps for each.

📱 Native-Like Brilliance: Tap into native device features like cameras, GPS, and accelerometers for an unmatched user experience.

📴 Offline Accessibility: Don’t leave anyone behind—design apps to work seamlessly even without an internet connection.

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